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I just ran a test, where I restored a virtual DB from a RedGate SQL backup (sqb).

The source DB was on a local disk, and the resore worked fine.

I then updated a table, and again all worked fine.

I then deleted the source DB, and the system let me do this, no problems.
I was a bit surprised this was allowed, as I thought the virtual DB depended on this file.

I was further suprissed when I ran a query on the virtual DB, on a table I had not changed with an update or insert, and the query returned the correct data.

Where did this data come from, as the source DB files are gone???
And the virtual files should not containe this data and it was not altered from the original backup.


  • Hi Steven,

    The virtually restored database depends only upon the backup file and the virtual data and log files
    Jeffrey Aven
    Product Management - HyperBac Technologies
    Red Gate Software
  • Sorry for not being clear.

    The Source DB I deleted was the backup file.
    So the only files left on the disk was the virtual data and log files.
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