Bug removing monitored servers while in maintenance window

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For some storage reassignment on an sql cluster I put the cluster in a maintenance window. While in the maintenance window the database connections from SQL Monitor were still active, so I thought best to remove the cluster from SQL Monitor to readd them once fnishied. After removing (including histrical data), the cluster was still visible in the Overview and Alert windows (left pane) as 'in maintenance window'.

I solved this by readding the cluster (removes the maintenance window status automatically) and re-removeing the cluster.


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    The maintenance windows only prevent alerts from being raised and doesn't stop any data collection, which should explain the database connections still being active. To stop all SQL Monitor activity on a cluster/server, it's better to use the Suspend option.

    When removing servers from SQL Monitor it takes up to 5 minutes for the servers to be removed from the Overviews and Alert pages. Could it have been this or was the cluster still present after this amount of time?

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    oderksoderks Posts: 67 Bronze 2
    It could have been my impatience :oops:
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