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SQL Backup 6.5 has been released

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edited May 9, 2011 6:35AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
SQL Backup 6.5 has been released and is available for download.

This is a minor upgrade that includes various engine improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Ability to choose "existing database file location" as well as the SQL Backup suggested defaults.

MAILTO_NOLOG parameter added for the BACKUP and RESTORE commands. This specifies that SQL Backup will send a blank email (subject field only) on a MAILTO, MAILTO_ONERROR or MAILTO_ONERRORONLY command without the contents of the log file included.

Bug fixes and improvements
  • Improvements to purging backup files in the following cases:
    • when folders contain spaces in the name
    • when the restored database name differs from the original database name
  • Support for KEEP_CDC
  • LATEST_ALL keyword fixes for restoring the latest full backup and and all subsequent log and differential backups, in particular:
    • handling large backup sets
    • handling SQB files created with earlier versions of SQL Backup
  • Network resilience bug fixes
  • Product activation improvements
  • Improved debugging information and error handling:
    • Debug information for decompression
    • More exception handling code when writing process data for the GUI
    • When creating new folders
    • Partially created backup files when running out of disk space
    • Detect if t-log backup file has previously been restored during log shipping.

Quality improvement program - users now have the option to send usage information back to Red Gate to help us improve future versions.
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