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we have some problem with dynamically posting data from the ANTS Load scripts. when we take the data from CSV, the response message for the new data is different from the original data recorded. so, when we continue on the same cycle, say, my script might go on 5 to 6 pages and has to send back the data which we got it from the response. but the ANTS sends back the original data which is been recorded and not taking the dynamically produced data say, from page 3 to page 4. any help in this regards is much appriciated.
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    The only suggestion that I have at this point is to make sure that all of the form fields in the script (Webclient.HttpRequest.AddPostData("field", "value")) are filled in using the data from the state information, for instance:
    Webclient.HttpRequest.AddPostData("field", Me.StateInformation.Get("value"))
    You may additionally want to check the summary information by metric->test errors and see if there are any errors happening that are actually preventing the proper information from being posted. Please have a look into this and let us know what you find out.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply. but that is not the case. say for example if we have 100 fields in a form and we have 50 postbacks happening, we cannot have every thing in the state information.
    the solution i got was:
    the ANTs Load records all the post back fields irrespective of its modification. so in the script i commented out all the unwanted fields and posted back only the required fields as all the data for other fields will be in the view state and we need not post back those again. only thing is finding finding the required controls and commenting unwanted once are really big pain.

    kindly let me know if you have any better solution.
    Thanks & regards
    S. Deepak
  • Hi,

    Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. Once you get the script recorded, you can manipulate the script by hand: we don't provide any tools that will automatically change the scripts.
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