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Threading problems

garethhaytergarethhayter Posts: 45 Bronze 2
edited May 6, 2011 7:10AM in SmartAssembly
A few users have reported my app semi-hanging while performing a certain operation. What I mean by semi-hanging is that the app remains responsive to UI interaction, but an operation on another thread never seems to return.

This indicates a threading issue and it is extremely difficult to reproduce at will.

What would be great would be to allow the user (or my app internally) to grab a stacktrace of all threads or something that will allow me to narrow down where the problem is occurring - on which thread, and what is blocking.

I know that threading issues are notorious, but can you suggest any way for me to troubleshoot this. I'd love to put a big button for users experiencing this problem to press, which will send this useful info to me.

I know this is a very broad question, and not actually related to SmartAssembly, but I'd appreciate any pointers ;-)

Gareth Hayter


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