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OK so I am still just test driving redgate to see if it meets my needs. My task is to build a solution that allows me to move a database in one location to another then replicate the database back to the original and add a second new location to replicate to as well. I have just successfully replicated the test db (on a LAN) using Compare PRO which was easy enough but... Here is my question that no one has been able to answer yet.

Do I need a dedicated circuit or VPN from one site to another to make Data Compare/Schema Compare work? I am also looking at Doubletake and do not have to have dedicated network resources, I can simply replicate from one IP address to another (appropriate ports open of course).

Does this make any sense? Am I explaining my question/needs clearly?


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    SQL Data Compare really shouldn't be used as a replication tool as you cannot trigger it on a per transaction basis and the architecture wasn't designed with replication in mind. It sounds like merge replication offered by native SQL Server would be better for you.

    Either way, if you want to run SQL Data Compare in this way you should at least be aware of the following:

    1) SDC creates large temp files depending on the size of the DB's you are comparing. It will also pull down through the network all the data from the target DB for comparison locally in the temp file on the machine where SDC is installed. This can take some time.

    2) Synching large amounts of data over the network will also be time consuming, and you will no doubt run into connectivity issues unless you have a dedicated network with a decent bandwidth.


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