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We have been using the multi script for a couple months now and have started phasing out our old application.

This makes some things easier and some things harder.

First, i need a way to record the groups of results.
I already had one guy come to me 4 weeks later saying i didn't deploy all the scripts. This was how i found out that i have to manually save this data myself. The problem i have is that I have about 25 scripts a deployment and i have to maually save them 1 by 1 instead of being able to save the whole batch of results in one click.

To make it easy just let me pick the folder and save each result with the same file name as the .sql file but with the .csv extention.

Second, half the time i have no results to save but the server/database is green. Or i end up with only messages on the failed server/database. Is this normal? I need something like an 'OK' so i have a result to save. If i'm still going to have that guy come back to me 4 weeks later and tell me i missed a script I need proof that i deployed it and that someone else overwrote it.

If there is no message generated then just give me a "server/database Done"


  • Your first request has already been logged as a feature request so I added your comments and ticket reference to the call. I will be informed if/when the status of this changes. For your information, the reference is SE-670.

    I have logged your second request as a new feature request with reference SE-675 and added your coments and ticket reference.
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