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SQL Doc 2 does not add new object to the web pages.

wsorannowsoranno Posts: 65
edited April 22, 2011 12:30PM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
I have a project created that I run thru windows task scheduler to update the documentation automatically. The scheduled tasks complete succesfully, but the web pages do not show new objects.
When I run SQL Doc 2 manually and open the project, the new objects show in the UI. Running the Generate Documentation completes succesfully. But the new objects are not there.

The scheduled task uses the /force switch.
Running the generate manually prompts to overwite and I click Yes.

If you need the project file, let me know and I can email it.

I found the resolution to this challenge.
Appearantly with update (or one previous) the path structure has changed.
Now the server name is a folder in the path. That is why I was not seeing the changes.
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