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Storing annotations outside database properties?

alexander.ossalexander.oss Posts: 2
edited August 4, 2011 11:11AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
Is there any way to store annotations made in SQL Doc to a location other than the database being documented (e.g. a local XML file, for example)? I've encountered a problem where I used a copy of our production system in our test environments to create documentation, but when that database copy was overwritten with a fresh version, all of my annotations were of course destroyed.

We don't make changes to our production system except through our standard dev/test/staging process, so I can't just point SQL Doc to our production system.



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    Unfortunately, there is no option to store extended properties outside of the database being documented. I have a logged feature request with reference SDOC-1437 and will be informed if/when the status of this changes.
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    Here's how i'm planning on doing my documentation (i'm just now starting this):

    Create my initial documentation on a version of the databaase either on my local machine or on dev
    Copy the extended properties to dev/test
    Any additional documentation will be made on the dev server and then copied up from there (done right before a version push to test)
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