Profiler is picking the wrong SQL instance

jclermontjclermont Posts: 4 Bronze 1
I am profiling an ASP.NET web application through IIS. The application is configured to use a local instance of SQL Server 2005 Standard. The instance name is SQLSTD.

When I profile the application and enable SQL profiling, it never collects SQL data and complains about SQLEXPRESS. I do have SQL 2008 express and 2008 R2 express installed as well. Maybe this is confusing it?

I also confirmed that the trace provider is enabled for my SQLSTD instance by running 'logman query provider' and seeing a line for SQLSTD Trace.

Note: SQL 2005 Standard was installed *after* ANTS Profiler. Maybe that's the issue?

I need some help. Thanks.


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