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Can I make feature requests in the forum or do I have to send an email? I'll included my list here in case it is read.

We need Packager to allow for much more customization of the db files. This includes:
1. Ablity to specify logical and physical file names.
2. Ablity to specify how many files to create (e.g. 2 data files and 3 log files).
3. Ablity to specify the location of EACH of those files (i.e. each can go in a different location). I know you can currently do this for just 1 data file and 1 log file.
4. Ablity to specify the initial size, growth rates, and max sizes of each file. I know you can set initial size of just the 1 data file now.
5. Ablity to specify the owner of the database (so the owner isn't the user running the script).
6. Packager should keep the TRUSTWORTHY setting of the source database.

The inability to do these things has added extra complexity to our deployment steps. It would be great to be able to have these functions in SQL Packager some day.


  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your post.

    I'm pretty sure all of this is specifiable if you create a C# project rather than an executable through the GUI, as it's a matter of coding the correct attributes when creating the DB.

    I will certainly add these as options to be put into the GUI though.

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