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Visual Query Editor - feature wish list

NiallNiall Posts: 36 Bronze 1
edited April 12, 2011 5:33AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Despite being a bit of an old dinosaur I do from time to time use the visual query editor in Visual Studio to make quick changes to a simple query. However the following issues stop me using it on a more regular basis, were Red gate to provide a tool that provided visual query editing then I suspect I may well buy it.

Likes for current SQL Server Managemnt Studio visual query editor
    Ability to use drag and drop Fast addition/removal of simple columns
    Unlike the editor for Views you cannot execute a query - real dumb that one No ability to re order the joins/tables in the from part of the query - major issue esp as it reworks the query seemingly at random Sort/Group By is just plain cludgy - don't know how it should work better, but the way it does is just plain poor Ditto for conditional clauses Cannot 'do' sub queries Cannot 'do' APPLY - I like APPLY, even though it is likely to confuse the heck out of people

In other words it is good for very simple stuff and rubbish at even moderate complexity, the inability to execute is well... just plain daft...
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