How do I sync just the tables that are in source control?

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I'm trying to use SQL Data Compare to sync my database with the changes in source control as part of a continuous integration system. I'm comparing against a script folder checked out from Subversion. I only want to sync the static tables that are in source control and leave everything else alone.

There is one table that I committed and later decided that I didn't want source controlled, so I unlinked it using SQL Source Control. Now when I sync with Data Compare, it wants to delete all the records from that table. Using the /exclude:additional option removes the table from the comparison, but it also removes deleted records from source controlled static tables that I do want included in the comparison.

Is there an option that I can use to say "do all inserts, updates, and deletes against the tables that exist in the source control folder, and ignore everything else?" Thanks.


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    I think I figured it out... it seems that there was still a reference to the unlinked table in the RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml file. Once I removed that (and the /exclude:additional option) it worked as expected.

    So is this a problem with the way that SQL Source Control unlinks tables? Is there a way that I can file a bug report about that?
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    I've had another customer report something similar - so it may well be a bug. I'm just checking it over with the developers and I'll then raise an issue.
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    Great, thanks!
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