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big database views suggesetion

sdhebertsdhebert Posts: 6
edited November 10, 2005 6:05AM in SQL Dependency Viewer
I am currently using the tool on a very large database and the view is virtually unreadable. There are a couple of small isolated groups of tables and stored procs that are drawn cleanly, but the main set of tables, stored procs and functions are confusing. I'm not telling you anything you don't know based on earlier posts. But here's a suggestion...

Another view I'd like is object view. Take for instance my desire to see what happens when I call a given stored proc - let's call it "pr_create_work_order".

I'd love to see a view homed on "pr_create_work_order" that drills down all the way to the tables. This view would exclude any objects that are not called by any objects ultimately related to pr_create_work_order and would provide a simplified view. I'd keep all the graphical coding the same - showing which are reads and which are writes, which are calles and which are callers.

I love the product, it's nice to see someone organizing this information in a useful manner. This product would be a 'must-have' for large database projects to easily understand what is really happening in the code.



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