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Running scripts in Multiscript sequentially

gsc_ghxgsc_ghx Posts: 73
edited April 7, 2011 9:39AM in SQL Multi Script
I noticed the other day when running 3 scripts in Multiscript that it did not run the scripts sequentially. I had script one return the date and time at start of the process, script 2 and 3 the release code that was applied to all the databases, script 4 return the date and time to get the end time. But when I executed - script one and script four ran at the same time - therefore the date time was the same. I wanted to see how long execution took to run all the scripts - as we have not found how to get Multiscript to tell us how long everything took to run.

How can I get Multiscript to run secquentially or to report the time the process took to run?

Thank you... :roll:


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    If you navigate to the Tools menu and select Application Options > Execution (towards the top of the form) and then select Serial Execution, then this will ensure that your scripts are run sequentially.
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    Thank you. Is there a way to have MultiScript report how long it takes to run scripts?
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    Chris - I have the optiono of Parallel Excecution. I have it set to run against 5 databases at a time. What I would like to know - I have 4 scripts - the first on is select getdate() - I want the time the process starts. Then the code release - 2 scripts - they are run properly - then I have script 4 - select getdate(). I want the time the whole process completes. What I saw when I used this theory last week was - Script 1 and Script 2 were both run at the same time - thereby giving me a start and finish time of less than a second.

    Is there some way Multiscript can give me the time stats for the process?

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    Unfortunately, beyond the start time which is displayed in the "Scripts Executed" pane, this is not possible at the moment. I have raised an enhancement request with our developers so that they can look into implementing something(reference: SE-673).
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    Thank you. Any reason why script 1 and 4 are run at the same time and not after the completion of script 3?
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