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can someone explain that what does this error mean? thanks

I/O error 38(Reached the end of the file.) detected during read at offset 0x000003fdbc0000 in file 'N:\xxxxx.vmdf'..


  • Hi

    I found some errors in the log.

    05 Apr 11 10:48:46.865 HyperOpenMtfDataFile: FileRecord: 00C52EA0, Failed to open data file: I:\xxx.sqb. Error: 0x2.
    05 Apr 11 10:48:46.881 GetRedirectedMTF: FileRecord: 00C52EA0, Failed to open data file. Error: 0x2.
    05 Apr 11 10:48:46.881 HyperProcessBlockJob: Failed to load cache data, File offset: 0x3FDBC0000. Error: 2.
    05 Apr 11 10:48:46.881 HyperVirtualRead: Failed to read block at offset: 0x3FDBC0000, Length: 0x2000. Error: 2

    my questions is since the database already virtual restored, why it still look for the sqb file it try to restore from? because i have new sqb file, then i deleted the old one.
  • The Virtual Restore works by mounting a backup file as a virtual database. This means that the backup file is required for the database to function. The .vmdf and the .vldf files contain only a tiny amount of information, mainly indexes etc to aid with accessing the data in the backup file. So, this almost certainly the reason wny you are receiving the error.

    To fix this, you will have to run a new virtual restore on the new .sqb backup file, and refrain from deleting it until you are finished with it.
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