Error 2001: Response is not well formed XML

UsherNetUsherNet Posts: 7
edited April 6, 2011 5:11AM in SmartAssembly
Hi, I have just deployed a build of our code with the new version of SA6, we use a custom web server to collect error reports and usage reports. I have installed the lastest SmartAssembly6.0.0.513_WebService files on our testing server and validated that everything is up and running by running a browser test on ... Login.asmx

When I attempt to report an error within our application, using either the standard template or a custom template (freshly compiled), I receive an error on stage 2, "Connecting to server."

Can anyone shed any light on what steps I have missed or why I am unable to report to my custom web server. We are not using SSL and there are no proxies involved.

If I report to the Red-Gate server everything works on both standard template and custom template.




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