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Sql Compare - Grinds to a halt

dietzdietz Posts: 6
edited October 25, 2005 8:59AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi There

I recently downloaded the trial version of Sql Compare , as we are very interested in purchasing the product.

BUT, everything seems fine until a run a compare between our QA and production database, in theory they have the same struacture , that is production should roughly have the same amount of objects (indexes,tables,columns etc) as QA.

The analysis for QA takes about 3 minutes.When it starts analyzing Production Sql Compare grinds to a halt for about half an hour my hard drive goes nuts to the point where i have to kill Sql compare and restart my computer. I ran a performance monitor on production while this was happening there was no significant disk que lengths or processor or memory hits, i presume sql compare simply selects data from the various sys tables in sql server. Also i doubt it was a network issue as QA is also a remote server and no problems ?It seem more my computer (where sql compare is installed and running is taking tremendous strain), it is a 2 ghz Intel M, 1 gig ram, fast hard drive etc.

But like i said analysis of QA which is the same size and complexity is fast, so i really have no idea why sql compare cannot handle production analysis. PLEASE HELP we really would like to purchase the product by it is useless to us if we cannot run fast analysis on the production environment.

Thank You


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    You're right about the way that the program works. It selects the schema information directly from teh system tables so in that sense the program's overhead is the same as any reading of data from a database using ADO .NET. This is fairly lightweight in terms of CPU and IO usage.

    One thing that you may want to look into is the temporary file usage of SQL Compare. If your temporary file storage location is short on space, you could run into problems.

    Please have a look at this other forum post for more information:
    http://www.red-gate.com/messageboard/vi ... .php?t=679
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    Hi Brian

    Thanx for the response , i have checked this out but it is not the problem.
    By the way what are the filenames for Sql Compare in tmp, that is how do i know which files in tmp are for Sql Compare ?

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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    The filenames are generated by Windows as far as I know so they would be impossible to find. They will all get disposed of when the software exits, though.

    Using Windows disk cleanup program is the best way to clean up your temporary files directory, as trying to delete all of the files yourself will not work because some of them are always in use by different programs.
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    Hi There

    Any response yet ? I have only one week left on trial period and i cannot run compares against production, problem still exists ???

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