Will Packager do this ?

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I'm evaluating SQL Packager and need to upgrade a table on a customers server. Due to connection problems, I cannot connect to do a 'compare/upgrade' option. I wanted to package the table and data from our development server to send to the customer. However when I tested it in house, the packager would not drop the table and recreate it. Are there options that will allow me to: A.) either update the schema and data without dropping the table. or B.) drop and recreate everything ?
I'd prefer option A as that would retain their permissions etc.



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    There is no option at present that will cause a table to be dropped and recreated or for an upgrade package to be created for databases that can't directly be compared over the network.

    We hope that a future version of Packager will leverage some of the upcoming features for comparing disconnected databases using database backups to produce an upgrade package for a disconnected database.
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