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Tip: you MUST restart VS after upgrading SA

Uniwares_ASUniwares_AS Posts: 168
edited March 25, 2011 9:38AM in SmartAssembly
Otherwise it will continue to use the old SA MSBuild task, no matter how much you change the version in the .targets file.


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    And if you have SA5 and SA6 side-by-side installed, then you need to restart VisualStudio everytime you want it to use one or the other build task, seems the first one loaded remains loaded for the rest of the app lifetime, independent of project settings.
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    Thanks- the heads-up is very much appreciated. I am asking our guys what is happening here...
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    Yeah, Visual Studio has a limitation where it doesn't detect changes in .targets files in the same way that it does for .csproj files. I've been annoyed by it before.

    Having said that, it loads SmartAssembly.exe into the memory of VS when you first use it, so if you've already run a build, the installer should complain that it can't do the install unless you close VS.
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