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Complicated data generation question

dcolbertdcolbert Posts: 15
Is it possible to generate four INT columns of data, where:
Column2 + Column3 + Column4 <= Column1

We receive data from an outside source with those fields populated, but the final three added together should always equal the first. We'd like to generate data to test our logic that ensures those fields meet data quality requirements.

Thanks in advance!



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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your post.

    Unfortunately, SQL Data Generator doesn't support this sort of parent > child relationhip between columns when generating data. It is something we have logged as a feature request but I am sorry to say I am not sure if we have a date on it being implemented. It will definitely be reviewed for the next release though.

    In the meantime, ?I don't know if it's a vible solution for you however you could always select to generate data from an existing source for that table (those affected tables) only, pull in the real data for those particular columns only and then change the generator to one of the random generators for the rest of the columns.


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    Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion will help, but I would definitely love it as a new feature!
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