My defaults vs Red Gate defaults. Sharing with team members.

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Our team is just starting to use SQL Compare, and I have decided on a set of options that I would like all my team members to use. These are different than the Red Gate default options.

Where are the options stored? How can I share my set of comparison options with other team members? Is it possible to overwrite the RedGate defaults in a general config file somewhere and pass that to others, so when they reset to the "Red Gate" defaults, they really are using my preferred set?

How about providing the ability to save sets of options, similar to what your provide for *.scpf comparison filters?


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    Apologies for the delay in replying - I think there was a problem with the new forum for Compare 9 that wasn't alerting us to unanswered posts- if it's something urgent you can always mail support directly.

    As for your query - when you save your defaults, these are stored in the registry under HKCU\Software\Red Gate\SQL Compare 9\UI\

    You'll see a "DefaultOptions" binary value. This can be exported and then imported on other users' computers and the options should then load when the user clicks "My Defaults".

    Hope that helps!
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