Feature Request - Long-running query to show databasename

oderksoderks Posts: 67 Bronze 2
edited March 9, 2011 6:06AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
On top row I see: [Medium] Long-running query <hostname>\(local)

Process ID: 73
Process name: 2007 Microsoft Office system
Host: <hostname running query>
User: <username connecting database>
Process login time: 8 Mar 2011 2:07 PM
SQL process fragment
SELECT "dbo"."Log".* FROM "dbo"."Log"

I'm very glad I know <hostname>\(local) and why user <username connecting database> could be query'ing there. For other queries that can be a huge hassle to find out what database that sql process was running against.

Therefore I'd like the databasename stated in the info above. Would save me a lot of time on some (most) occasions.


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