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Change Web Service Location

lee5i3lee5i3 Posts: 48
edited March 10, 2011 2:05PM in SmartAssembly
Is it possible to change the web service location without having to republish?

Here is why, I'd like to have more than one web server, that way I know if test/staging or production is getting the errors rather than having them all at same location.

However I don't want to have to have different DLLs, rather have a setting or even allow a way to set the web service location in code.


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    We send our error reports to different email address which are all forwarded to our developers. e.g. Our beta program sends errors to beta.programname.errors@company.com and production to programname.errors@company.com. They all redirect to errors@company.com, but we can see who the email was originally sent to. You could also change the product name if you want the errors to be grouped differently within the Smart Assembly error repository.
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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    It looks to me like SmartAssembly puts the webservice address in at build-time, so you can 't change it. You would need different SA options set for your release and debug builds, specifying a different webservice.

    It may be easier just to make different projects for test and release, using different project names, that way you could tell release error reports from testing error reports.
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    That will be a showstopper for our applications due to our process flow.

    Builds are compiled on our developer machines, each compile is sent to testing, then to staging, then to production.

    (We currently only have 1 copy due to cost, so I'm only developer using this and I'm still pushing our administration to use a build server so we can use dev licenses, but we are limited due to our source control (Vault), which doesn't support many build servers that I've found)

    So we would need a single web server, which is unlikely possible to be approved.

    The reason for this is, each compile may or may not have bug fixes, can't 100% guarantee that what compile will not fail testing.

    I will just wait to see if you guys implement a way to dynamically set the URL.
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    As a largely off-topic reply (nothing to do with SA - I've leave you in Brian's capable hands there!), we used to use Vault at Red Gate, and CruiseControl.NET seemed to talk to it nicely. There's a CC.NET plug-in on the SourceGear site: <http://www.sourcegear.com/downloads.html&gt;

    I'm not sure CC.NET is particularly actively maintained nowadays, but it's served us relatively well in the past, with a few tweaks here and there!

    Hope that helps!
    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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    We are considering moving to TFS 2010, once I can get my DBA to open up permission for it! lol

    I will keep track of SA changes in the future, I still will be using it for obfuscation, however the error reporting will need to wait till its more dynamic with our system.
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