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If you have any ideas on how to improve SQL Source Control, or if you want to suggest new features that we should implement, please visit ... ce-control to vote/comment on ideas already posted or create new suggestions. This is also available from the "Provide Feedback" link in the upper right of the SQL Source Control tab within SSMS.

1. Visit ... ce-control
2. Start typing an idea in the textbox at the top
3. Click search or it will search automatically after so many characters are entered
4. Review the list of topics that are related to try and avoid duplicates and just vote or comment on one of these existing topics
5. If you can't find anything in the search results that matches what you are looking for, click the "Create New Idea" button that appears at the top of the search results
6. Enter some more details if needed
7. Select how many votes (how important it is to you)
8. Click the Suggest It! button

This will save your suggestion so others can start commenting and voting on your ideas too.

Note, after step 3, if there are no matching posts, then you will go directly to step 6 where you can enter additional details.

Thank you so much for evaluating SQL Source Control and providing us with this feedback. This will influence which features we develop next.
Thank you!
Stephanie M. Herr    :-)
Product Manager Database DevOps
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