Syncing table between two different databases with a twist

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Hopefully I can explain this correctly.

I am currently using MSSQL 2008 and I have two databases with 2 tables. In DB1, Table 1 has a username and a UserID. Table 2 has a GUID and a UserID. The UserID in table 2 is added to show which user added the row. I have migrated tables 1 and 2 from DB1 to DB2 but the UserID from Table 1 in DB2 is different from DB1. I want to keep the UserID and match up the users from DB1 into DB2 correctly to match up with table 2 in DB2. The UserID in Table 2 in DB2 should change. Is there an easy way of doing this?


  • Thanks for your post. I'm not sure you'll easily be able to do what you want. It sounds like you're talking about merging data, and we have a document detailing "best practices" on this, here but it's quite geared towards designing things a certain way before you start using Compare- but see if it helps.
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