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Here is a scenario I am trying to handle. We have some stored procedures that refer to linked servers by name. Those names differ between server instances of the database in question. Is there any way to handle this in SQ Compare? I know DB project in VS has this macro substition fetaure, but is there something like this in SQL Compare?

Thank you.
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  • Hmm, I don't think there is a quick way around this.

    Some people use Synonyms to refer to other server objects and then these can be named the same throughout your databases. The only difference is how they are defined (and there is an option to ignore server/database names in Synonyms in Compare).

    Not sure how useful that is for you, but it's perhaps worth investigating?
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  • Thanks, James. I was hoping for something similar to what DB project provides, but I will certainly look into synonyms.
    Sergey Barskiy, Software Developer
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