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Can I please get the following queries addressed by Redgate:

1. If I use SmartAssembly to obfuscate my C# code when I ship my product will any SmartAssembly file (as in dll, library, exe, etc) need to be shipped with my product? If there is a URL addressing this please let me know.

2. Is there an online list of all vulnerabilies (defects, known issues, etc)?

3. Does the obfuscator internally use cryptography related technologies such but not limited to hashing, signatures, encryption, key management, etc?

Thanks in advance!


  • Thanks for trying out SmartAssembly. In response to your queries:

    1. No. Everything smartassembly needs to run will be included in your main executable or library.

    2. No, although if you do run into an issue please do post on the forum or contact our support team directly. There is also answers to some common questions on the support center - ... rtAssembly

    3. Internally we use the hashing and cryptographic providers built into the .NET class libraries, and our own compression library.

    Hope this answers your questions

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