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Some things I'd like to see

1) Make the number of rows displayed when viewing alerts on a server configurable. If I want 100 rows to display, I'd like that setting to stick
for every time I view alerts on a server, even after logging off and logging back in.

Show the actual SQL error, msg, severity associated with alerts, if there is one (example, log backup failure)

Reduce the font size on the alert inbox, show more rows (row height about half what it is) - saves space/screen real estate, see more at one time

Alert level - Just show a color circle, on mouse over, show text (High, medium, low) for alert level - saves space/screen real estate, see more at one time

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  • Hello Randy,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed post.

    Not very sure if I have understood this correctly. You can already set the number of rows you want to view in Alert Inbox. This doesn't change even when you log out and log in again. Do you want this to be supported per server?

    Regarding the SQL error .. could you explain this bit more? We have 'SQL Server error log entry' alert which shows the severity, message etc.

    Regarding UI improvement suggestion.. they are really good. Thanks for that. We are reviewing the UI design and would definitely improve space usage.

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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