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I have a SQL data compare project that compares part of a sql schema. Meaning my entire db has about 300 tables but I only want to compare a specific number of tables like 100 out of the 300. I have saved the project file for future use but when I open that file and want to compare different sql servers that have the same schema for db's Sql Compare losses my tables that I have check before and reset the entire list to be checked again. Basically I have say 3 servers a DEV, QA and PROD and I have a project that is saved that compares the 100 tables I need and it compares say DEV adn QA but when I change it to compare say DEV and PROD all 300 tables are checked. IS there away to edit the servers without having to pick the tables again and again when I change the edit the porject?


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    You can change the Data Compare project files using notepad, if you're up to a little bit of hacking. The project files are XML format, so you can locate the server names in one of your saved projects and simply change them. It's nasty, but should save you a bit more time compared to setting an individual project file for each server!
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