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creating snapshots on client's servers

dma550dma550 Posts: 10
edited October 1, 2005 11:15AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi there

I am a new red-gate licensee for SQL bundle. I have need to create a snapshot from my client's servers, I have no direct VPN or IP access to them (only terminal server or citrix). Is it acceptable, as in this thread, http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/vi ... t=snapshot for me to install my copy of SQL bundle on their server for the purposes of making a snapshot?

it would be ideal to have a stand-alone "no installer" snapshot creator I must say.

So, what's the best way of doing this?




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    Bumping my messge, somewhat urgent.

    When I try the copy from the post I sent, there is some type of online license check. Can someone at red-gate please comment?

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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    Yes, because you will need to activate the software on any computer that you install it on. This activation by default sends and receives information over the Internet to our activation server.

    To be able to create a snapshots from disconnected servers using a single copy of SQL Bundle, you could use the command-line version of SQL Compare included with SQL Toolkit or SQL Bundle Developer Edition. Simply copying a few files to your offsite servers will let you use the command-line version without the need to continually reactivate it.
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