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I really would like an option in SQL Monitor to keep track op database size, extend size, log size, used space in mdf/ndf/log file, growth, %of disksize. This is something that I already keep track of with some other stuff, but to have historical data on this would be great.

That way we could have better insight on how a database grows and be able to improve predictions on disk enlargements or replacements.

Also additional alerts (like the tl log growth request already registered) on %used (in mdf/ndf/log file) would be very nice. F.e. a mdf file is now reserved xGb and should grow per xMb. I would like to be alerted when x% of the xGb reservated data space is used to set the data size to +xMb manually and avoid overhead during work hours or maybe even see that the disk should be enlarged because filling up the data file goes a bit faster than thought.

Options to zoom in on host/disk/instance/database/extend would be very nice.


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    We do already store historical data for database size, log size and %log file usage and these can be viewed on the Database Overview. I've raised an enhancement request (ref: SRP-3313) to collect and display the other metrics.

    I've added your request for some new log/data file growth alerts to the relevant enhancement request SRP-3078. The more requests we get for a feature the more likely it will get implemented.

    Chris Spencer
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    Red Gate
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