SQL Server Full Text Search Service status default query?

Andrew HodgeAndrew Hodge Posts: 132
edited February 2, 2011 6:42AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
Why is the default SQL Server Full Text Search Service status checking for started or paused? Should this not be the same as SQL Server Agent Service and the SQL Server Analysis Service status of Stopped or Paused?

Using 2.1


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    Hi Andrew

    I suspect that the alert defaults to 'started or paused' because the default state of the Full Text Search service on SQL Server is stopped. However, if this is the reasoning behind all our defaults, then the default for SQL Agent is incorrect as that service is stopped by default also.

    So we are inconsistent here. I've raised a bug report (ref: SRP-3297) to review our default settings and change them if necessary.

    Thanks for the feedback
    Chris Spencer
    Test Engineer
    Red Gate
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