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Old bug still here in SQL Prompt

fga100fga100 Posts: 3
edited August 3, 2011 5:47AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
This is something I reported to Red Gate support a long time ago, before version 5.
Basically, SQL Prompt breaks the Undo-Redo feature of SSMS.

Here is the repro:
Menu "SQL Prompt 5", then Options, and make sure that checkbox "Use SQL Prompt" is selected
Copy about 30 lines of code from somewhere into the clipboard
Open a new SQL window in SSMS
Paste the 30 lines of code about 20 times
type some random characters
Paste the 30 lines about 10 times more
type some more random characters, finishing with something you can remember, like "end of test".
Now undo it all until you are back to the original empty window
Finally redo it all and notice how you do not come back to the final point where you had typed "end of test".

Note you may have to repeat this a couple of time, do more paste operations or typing but eventually you will get to the point where the "redo" doesn't bring you back to where you were.

Now try the same with "Use SQL Prompt" unchecked and notice how this problem cannot be reproduced.

Conclusion: SQL Prompt breaks SSMS redo feature. Feature works fine when SQL Prompt is disabled.

I'm using SSMS 2005.


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