Suggestion Clear after ... on alerts

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edited March 17, 2011 5:48AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
There are certain types of alerts where I want to collect the information but I don't want to have to manually clear them. For example, take a long running query. If I go to the monitor page I want to see any long running queries that are currently active. I might also want to see any long running queries that ended in the last 10 minutes. But if it ended more than 10 minutes ago, I'd like to have it automatically clear. (because there are so many of them)

What I would like to see is that on alerts there is an option to:

[ ] Auto clear [ ] minutes after ended.

For events it would be an option:

[ ] Auto clear [ ] minutes after event occured.

I created a procedure that does this and runs it as a job every 5 minutes. I'm just passing the alert type and the number of minutes.

Another option that would be nice for the SQL job failed event would be an option to auto-clear after the job ran successfully. If the job failed but later ran successfully, then autoclear the event.



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