Possible to have a bulk option?

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SQL Data Compare uses INSERT statements to sychronize databases - is it possible to use a bulk option where the data is bulk exported to native files and then bulk loaded into the destination?


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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your post.

    Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the present time directly within the tool. There isn't however anything to stop you from setting the tool to use transactionsfor the INSERT (if it is a huge script) and then create a synch script rather than perform the synch.

    You could then manually alter the script to add in the various commands to take a full backup, change the recovery model of the DB to bulk logged, run the synch script, change the recovery model back to full and then perform a full backup.


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    Thanks for the reply. I generated a synch script (took about a day to generate), with the resulting file 157 GB. This file failed to run using sqlcmd at the commandline.

    Have a bulk option would be very useful indeed when comparing databases with large data differences.
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    Just a suggestion: if you're populating new data into a table, you might consider using SSIS, as this might work better.

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