Suggestion : allow multiple select in Analysis

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For example, I was looking at the Transactions/sec analysis for one of my servers. I can drill down to the individual database level, and even select 'All', but what would be useful is to be able to pick any number of databases from the list to display, poss using ctrl-click??

The problem I had was that the graph was skewed by large values from tempdb and master, and all the user databases just tickled along the bottom. I could have clicked each user db in turn, but it's a long list......


  • Hi Kevan

    I think that there may have been a technical reason that we didn't implement ctrl-click for the Analysis page. I've raised a new enhancement request anyway (ref: SRP-3204) to look into this.

    Thanks again
    Chris Spencer
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  • I agree with the request; surely there is an object you could use that equates to the functionality of the multi-select drop down list in excel tables?
    Default is select all, but when you expand the list each entry in the list has a check box so you can select specific, but multiple items in the ddl.

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