Couple of minor bugs

Andrew HodgeAndrew Hodge Posts: 132
edited January 25, 2011 11:50AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Both these issue exist in the restore wizard GUI on 6.4.56

1. When restoring a database and you want to change the name of the files (data or log) the file browser defaults to first file it finds ie distmdl.ldf

see screenshot 1

2. The size of the filename box is too small to show underscores and the lower half of some characters ie g and y. The filename in the screenshot should read OrigLLPG_data.mdfx

see screenshot 2


  • Thank you for your comments

    I have logged these for our developers to take a look for the next release.

    If you encounter anything that you do not think it is right, or could be done better then please let us know.
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