Error connecting to a Named Pipe after obfuscation

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I'm a C# developer, and working on an application, in which the user uses an Outlook macro to send information to the application.
The communication is done via named pipes.

The general design is:
* The C# application defines a named pipes server.
* Outlook (version 2010) has a macro that defines a named pipes client that connect to the server defined in the C# application.

This design works very well when the application is no obfuscated.

After SmartAssembly is used, the application is obfuscated,
the named pipes client in defined by the Outlook macro,
cannot connect to the named pipe server defined in the running obfuscated application.

I did a small test and tried to use a named pipes client from C# project and it works well and can send messages to the server.

When debugging the outlook macro, the code for creating the named pipes client, returns an error 233 ERROR_PIPE_NOT_CONNECTED

The code in the the macro is taken from this article

If necessary I can provide sample code for the C# side.

I would appreciate any help regarding this matter,
Thank you.


  • It would probably be best if you either post the sample you have or send it directly to [email protected] :)
  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    I concur. The pipe reading/writing code you mention is mostly unmanaged PInvoked code so SmartAssembly should not interfere. SmartAssembly is probably messing up the data you want to send somehow because of interference with reflection/serialization.

    If you want to send the example demonstrating the problem, please put F0043683 in the subject line and mail it to support at
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