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Hi, I got the alert from a job,

Job started at: 19 Jan 2011 2:30 AM
Job ended at: 19 Jan 2011 2:34 AM
Job outcome: Succeeded

Duration: 00:04:03

Baseline duration (median of last 10 runs): 01:03:06

but on alert thresholds, i have set Ignore if the job run time is less than 3600 seconds , so the job only take 4 mins, why i still get alert? thanks


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    There were few issues with 'Job duration unusual' alert in build which has been fixed in build

    In 2.0, the alert detail page was continuously updated with the next runs of jobs detail if the job was still active. E.g. suppose a job run x resulted in 'Job duration unusal' alert, then an alert was raised and you would see the details of job run x. But then the next job run y happens which would then update the detail of this alert. So if the job was not active then the alert details of the job run which you see is not the job run which raised this alert.

    To cut story short, this has been fixed in 2.1 release. Could you please update to 2.1 release and let us know if it fixes the issue for you or not?

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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