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Feature Request : Add dependent objects to diagram

johndempseyjohndempsey Posts: 5
edited July 24, 2011 7:17PM in SQL Dependency Tracker

Apologies if this is already here somewhere.

I think Dep. Tracker is great but I always find myself wanting to traverse areas of our large database (3000+ sps) without necessarily knowing the objects I need to add to the diagram to be able to do this.

I always find myself right-clicking on objects in my diagram and expecting to be able to "Add all dependent objects" to it.

As an example of what I mean, I would love to be able to add 1 proc (the entry point to a subsystem for example) to a diagram and right click to expand all objects directly related to it, and keep on doing this until I got the desired result/ information.

It may even be nice to be able to break it up and say...

Add all dependent objects
Add dependent procs
Add dependent tables

I hope I've explained myself!

Keep up the good work,


John Dempsey


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    I agree with JohnDempsey, I'd like the option to Show hidden depenendent objects, as well as dependencies.

    However, a work around for now is to remove all objects except your entry point. From there you can add parent and child objects to diagram (Right-click -> Add to Project...).

    Its not ideal, especially with a large diagram (mine is over 3k objects), but you can slowly step through your subsystem.

    Also, Show/Hide still allows you to search for hidden objects and the diagram does not have to redraw when you show stuff. Adding objects requires the diagram to redraw, which can still take some time even with the very fast diagram types.
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    For anyone reading this thread now, I figured out a workaround that I thought would be useful to share as it isn't entirely obvious.

    1) Deselect all objects so that there are no objects on your diagram.
    2) Select the entry point, whether that be a table, proc or something else.
    3) In the dependencies panel, click the top dependency and then shift click the bottom one. This selects them all.
    4) Double click the items you have just selected in the dependency panel. (This selects them in the upper object panel)
    5) Check one of the selected items in the Objects panel.

    This will add all dependent objects to your diagram at once.

    Hope that helps somebody!


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