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I love this product and have used it for a couple of years.

Anyway, I'm a single developer and am finally moving my system from XP to 7. I am also upgrading from SmartAssembly 3.0.3063 to 5.5

There does not appear to be a guide as to what I have to move where. I would guess on XP, I have to move the "Maps" folder from the C:\Program Files\{smartassembly} folder, but that is all I really see.

Also, should I upgrade Smart Assembly on XP to 5.5 & then move everything to Windows 7?



  • Hi,
    I'm afraid that between SA 4 and 5 we made a clean break so we could make some protocol changes, so the web services are incompatible, so the old map files should just stay with your copy of sa3 for as long as you have a program in the wild processed by sa3. We are planning to turn off the older web service in about a year, so I'm glad to hear you're moving to v5.

    The error reports themselves are compatible between the versions though, so those can be migrated if that's important to you. If you use a SQL server (if that was even possible with sa3) then just pointing at the same SQL server should work. If you use an mdb file, there's a procedure that works. Does anyone have a link to that description of how to do it?

    I don't know whether sa3 worked very well on windows vista and later. If it did, all you need to do is install it, then copy the contents of your old program files folder over the new one the installer made, and SA will sort the rest out for you.
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  • I found some advice:

    The major caveat is that you should only import into an empty database, it is generally not possible to merge two sets of data from different installations of SmartAssembly.
    The only time you can merge is if they have not used Obfsucation (name mangling) or only used Advanced Unicode, on at least one of the database. Basically the data in the table Names cannot be merged as this would break either the database or the process, so data can only exist in one or neither of the merging databases.

    Required passwords for single user (Access mdb file) :
    SA 4 and earlier - cd3409ee69028647
    SA5 and later - 7f465a1c156d4d57

    Single user (mdb file) 4 to Singler user (mdb file) 5
    To overwrite:
    Open the v4 database (“{database}”.mdb), change the password and save it over the v5 database (“database.mdb”).
    To merge:
    Create append queries for each of the tables EXCEPT “Information”

    Single user (mdb file) to SQL Server instance
    The important thing to note the schema is not identical between JET and SQL Server, so you should really aim to just migrate the data and not the schema. Run SA5 at least once pointing at the database instance so that the schema is correctly setup.
    There are various migration tools for Access to SQL Server – there is the Upsizing Wizard in Access or Microsoft have got standalone migrations agents (SQL Server - SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access) for which there are different version depending on which version of SQL Server you are using:
    MS SQL Server 2008 - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en
    MS SQL Server 2005 - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en

    You should import the DATA for all tables EXCEPT “Information”.

    Merging is probably best done by import to temp database and then append queries.

    Build server (SQL Server instance) 4 to SQL Server instance 5
    Nothing to do as long as was SA5 was setup to point to the existing DB.

    Build server (SQL Server instance) 4 to Singler user (mdb file) 5
    Why on earth do you want to do this.

    Things to note
    SA5 Pro edition allows you to change which database instance you are pointing at relatively easily. So you could have multiple SmartAssembly databases (only one of which can be a mdb file) imported from different places and just switch between them as required.
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  • Thanks for the help.

    I cannot seem to download new reports. When I go to do it, the progress bar shows about 1 or 2% (barely starts) and then it just hangs.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you
  • I've never heard of that happening before. Could you contact support at red-gate dot com, referencing this forum thread, and giving your serial number. That may be enough to work out what's happening if we're lucky.

    Another thing that's worth a try in the meantime is the version 6 early access builds. The code that downloads reports has been changed a fair amount, and might have fixed whatever the problem is, or at least give a better message.

    http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/vi ... .php?f=116
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  • Version 6 build 457 corrected the problem, whatever it was.

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