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Hi, I have been trying for days to get my application to pass remoting messages by various combinations of excepting from pruning and obfuscation.

Here is the .NET Remoting-related error message:
The argument type 'BizLayer.nBZClientFunctions.MessageFromServerToClientHandler' cannot be converted into parameter type 'BizLayer.nBZClientFunctions.MessageFromServerToClientHandler'.

The remoting capabilities of my app involve many different classes, and subroutines within classes, but it would be helpful to know exactly what settings I need to set/not set in smartassembly to prevent this error.

For example, if I exclude the whole project, the error does not occur. But that leaves that whole project unprotected.
Thank you!

I have relocated all remoting-related code into a separate project, and this problem has disappeared !!
I did not "merge" the remoting project, but I did "embed" it, and then I turned on the maximum features for everything else, and there do not seem to be any problems for the moment.


  • Yes, when something complains that two types that look the same aren't the same, it's merging that's broken it. That's a fundamental limitation of any merging technique.
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