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Index with Included Column

tharmantharman Posts: 4
edited January 19, 2011 6:51PM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
When I generate a .chm file for our database, I've noticed that one of the indexes which has an included column, the included column is being shown as the 1st element of the key.

Is there a configuration option I've missed?


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    I don't think there are any options that would really affect this. Can I first get you to check you're using the latest patch in case it helps? You'll find that in this post - if that doesn't help could you maybe post / email to support a create script for the object in question so we can try to replicate the problem?
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    The "About SQL Doc" reports I'm on, so I think I'm up to date.

    Here's a table definition that produces the strange results when you generate the .chm, and below is the Indexes section in the chm.

    9.00.4053.00 SP3
    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[RepAccount]
    [ID] [int] NOT NULL IDENTITY(1, 1),
    [Account_ID] [int] NOT NULL,
    [Rep_ID] [int] NOT NULL,
    [DateModified] [datetime] NOT NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_RepAccount_DateModified] DEFAULT (getdate())
    ) ON [PRIMARY]
    ALTER TABLE [dbo].[RepAccount] ADD CONSTRAINT [IX_RepAccount_AccountID] UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED  ([Account_ID], [Rep_ID]) ON [PRIMARY]
    CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_RepAccount_RepID] ON [dbo].[RepAccount] ([Rep_ID], [DateModified]) INCLUDE ([Account_ID]) ON [PRIMARY]

    Name Columns
    PK_RepAccount ID
    IX_RepAccount_AccountID Account_ID, Rep_Id
    IX_RepAccount_RepID Account_ID, Rep_Id, DateModified
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    Thanks for the example. I see what you mean now.

    On checking here, I can see we have a change-request logged that raises a similar point, so I will add the details of this post to that.

    I'm not sure when that's likely to be implemented unfortunately but for now it looks like there isn't a way around the problem.
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    Thanks for confirming this is an issue.

    I look forward to the next releases which will address this annoyance!

    Mostly it annoys me because in that example it looks like I have 2 indexes covering the same columns, one is unique and one non-unique! :shock:
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    AdamYAdamY Posts: 55 Bronze 3
    Thanks for posting this. We use lots of indexes with included columns so the documentation is very confusing. I also look forward to seeing a fix.
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