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Tips for Profiling ASP.NET web site?


Any tips for profiling the performance of ASP.NET web site? I'm profiling my app, but a lot of the items listed with time are the .NET framework. Any tips to weed through this to find my code's non-performing items?



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    You may want to look at the documentation on the website. We are aware, specifically that lots of things that happen with ASP .NET are in the Framework Class Libraries and are beyond your control, plus you also have lots of blocking when users are requesting pages over the network and there is no code you can tighten up to make this any faster.

    You would probably want to use the CPU time as your primary metric as opposed to wall-clock time.

    Also, do you know that you have a performance problem? Because if you have a clue what to do to make the problem manifest itself before you start profiling, you won't spend as much time chasing shadows on pages that don't have any noticeable problem.
  • Hey,

    In our app, I'm aware of what might not be performing the greatest, though its hard to identify it from the results identified. I'm trying to figure out what in my code might be the worst performer, and it appears that most of it may not actually be that bad.

    But I'm looking for general tips in this request, as I don't see a lot of material on ASP.NET directly, most walkthrough examples were console/windows/WPF apps.

  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    I'm sorry, but we do not have specific examples about examining ASP .NET results. The basic idea is that the type of technology used should not matter as we are gathering results from the running IL.

    Of course, I realize this is not the best answer. For instance, ASP .NET sessions, system performance, network latency, and the like cause additional metrics that need to be looked at.

    I'd suggest that if you see anything that looks suspicious to maybe post a topic on an ASP .NET-related forum as they are the experts on the internal workings of ASP .NET and are far better equipped to answer performance concerns than we probably are.
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