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snapshot failed

minisebminiseb Posts: 3
I use ants memory profiler 6, when i try to take a snapshot i got the following error. I use the demo version on a microsoft windows server 2003 R2 standard edition service pack 2.

i tried to insert <gcServer Enabled="false" /> in the web.config but i always got the same error.

The snapshot failed because .NET did not report every referenced object. If the garbage collector is operating in 'server mode' and the target application has many large objects, a bug in version 2 of the CLR is likely to be the cause.To work around this bug, manually switch your application to the workstation garbage collector. Search for 'gcServer configuration option' at msdn.microsoft.com for information on how to do this.

Whitout the snapshot feature i can not use the product.
thanks for your help


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