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Another thing still broken in 5.0

SphelabaumSphelabaum Posts: 12
edited November 3, 2011 12:25PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
This is one of a few fixes I mentioned over a year ago now, so I assume it is one of the harder things to fix, but just in case it isn't and just somehow fell off the radar, I figured I'd mention it again:

It affects both ' and ). Basically, if you try to type another one of these characters with your cursor to the left of an existing one, it does not insert another one, it replaces your existing one. While I've more or less grown used to it at this point, it is still somewhat confusing at times and makes me pay more attention to it than I'd like to. It's a larger annoyance when you're dealing with things requiring 5+ ) or ''s in a row.

With that out of the way, I also wanted to thank you for adding one of my requests with the Script as Alter functionality. That definitely made my day.


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    Thanks for the post.

    I think this was originally by design but it's a textbook case of software trying to be smart but not smart enough. We noticed users often typed the closing ' or ) regardless so we wanted to prevent inserting two, which makes sense when you write out statements in one pass but sometimes falls over when you then go back and want to make edits, as is often the case. I agree, this behaviour is annoying but unfortunately it was beyond the scope of this release, which focused on merging and retiring SQL Refactor.


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    Thanks for the response. I understand what you're saying, and if it was as simple as turning off the option to insert the closing paren or quotes, I'd think that would be an acceptable trade off.

    Unfortunately, it overachieves even there, and replaces them regardless of your options, as I have never found the auto inserts useful myself and turned them off.

    I doubt that makes it any easier to fix, and you most likely were aware of that as well, but figured I'd note it just in case.
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    I've always considered this a feature, Sphelabaum, not a bug...
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    Its a bug when you are editing existing code. I would love to turn this off.
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    MikeyCMikeyC Posts: 249 Bronze 3
    I agree it is definitely more of a pain than it is worth.
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    tdennistdennis Posts: 11 Bronze 2
    I too would love an option to disable this "feature!" When I press the ' key, I want one to appear and not act like a cursor-right press!
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