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We just evaluated Data Compare. It is great tool. Thanks.

But if it has a couple of additional features, we will say it is the best tool in the world.
First problem:
Our DB has many big tables (20000-500000 records) and they have changes very rarely. The process of comparison takes long time on those tables.
Could you please implement another option like "Do not compare tables if their checksums are identical"?
You can calculate those checksums using SP sp_table_validation
(this is very fast SP used by replications to detect if the table has been changed).
Second problem:
Some tables can have different primary key (which is identity field), but the rest is the same (our application doesn't use primary key there but some alternative keys). So, we need to have possibility to select fields to compare and select the index that will serve as a key for comparison.

Also batch mode using command line options is very desired.

Thanks again,



  • Hi Kvantum

    We are currently working on the next version of Data Compare so i will ensure that the developers see your request.

    Thanks for the feedback without it we cannot improve the product to circumstances that we miss.

    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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