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Feature Request - allow carriage returns in Scripts

monkeygrindmonkeygrind Posts: 40
If I go to the Project Configuration, in the Scripts tab and either create a new or try to edit an existing script

When I have the focus in the textbox and hit the enter key to add a carriage return (e.g. I'm editing inline), the focus is still on the OK button and is not released.

Thus, the window closes.

I'd expect that I can add a carriage return in the window. I'd like to ask that this behaviour be changed in a future version to allow this, else my only recourse is to copy/paste from notepad.




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    And while I'm at it, if you are going to allow inline editing, you may want to allow the use of CTL-A for control all.

    If you really don't want people to do inline editing then this is fine but then you should remove the ability to edit via the GUI. If it's OK to edit, then why not allow easier use of editing?
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    Regarding the use of enter in the edit script dialog, it is by design that pressing enter confirms OK and closes. Please use Ctrl-Enter.

    And your request for allowing the use of Ctrl-A to select all has been logged as a feature request in our tracking system with reference SDG-924. I will be informed if/when the status of this changes.
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