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v5.0 memory leak?

gtsdbagtsdba Posts: 3
edited January 4, 2011 12:47PM in SQL HyperBac 5
I have v5.0.33.0 installed on a number of servers, various SQL and OS versions and the memory footpring for hyperbac is huge, up to 2GB. this is even on servers which are failover servers so very little backing up or restoring goes on.
what is other peoples experience on memory usage of hyperbac V5 (V4 was only about 40MB)


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    Hi George, There are no memory leaks in the SQL HyperBac product, the latest version can allocate more memory as needed for performance reasons, but this is only virtual (not physical) memory and is released when the service is stopped and is only pre-allocated as required.
    Jeffrey Aven
    Product Management - HyperBac Technologies
    Red Gate Software
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I am not so sure, I have hyperbac installed on a server where I am not actually doing any backups or restores yet but process working set and private bytes is slowly increasing.
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